NovaData Solutions’ Rest-Assured Analysis – Hotel and Resort

Operational Expenditures and Management Practices

NovaData Solutions’ Rest-Assured platform conducted an industry audit for a Hotel and Resort, specifically focusing on areas outlined in an audit. The comprehensive review encompassed the assessment of a $1.5 million mitigation invoice, ultimately uncovering findings totaling $701,911, which accounted for 46% of the examined aspects.

Key Findings

  1. Mitigation Invoice Review: The audit meticulously reviewed a $1.5 million mitigation invoice for discrepancies and compliance.
  2. Financial Analysis:
    1. Findings Total: $701,911 (46% of the assessed areas)
    2. Flagged Areas: Management/staff and overtime ratios, administrative costs, adherence to established rates, equipment term discounts, small tools management, lunchtime expenses, and reimbursables.

Detailed Analysis of Flagged Areas

  1. Management/Staff and Overtime Ratios: Identified disparities in staffing allocations and overtime hours, indicating potential inefficiencies in resource distribution.
  2. Administrative Costs: Highlighted areas where administrative expenses surpassed industry benchmarks without clear justifications or proportional benefit.
  3. Rate Adherence: Pointed out deviations in service rates from established standards, impacting revenue and competitive positioning.
  4. Equipment Term Discount and Small Tools Management: Noted underutilization of equipment term discounts and ineffective management of small tools, contributing to increased operational costs.
  5. Lunchtime and Reimbursable Expenses: Detected inconsistencies and overspending in lunchtime expenses and reimbursable costs, necessitating closer scrutiny and control measures.


  1. Operational Restructuring: Suggested restructuring staff allocations and optimizing overtime management for better resource utilization.
  2. Cost Rationalization: Recommended implementing cost-cutting measures in administrative expenses while maintaining operational efficiency.
  3. Rate Alignment: Advocated aligning service rates with industry standards to retain competitiveness.
  4. Enhanced Asset Management: Advised improving utilization of equipment term discounts and streamlining small tools management.
  5. Expense Control Measures: Proposed stricter controls on lunchtime expenses and rigorous scrutiny of reimbursable costs against policies.

This Rest-Assured analysis conducted for the Hotel and Resort highlights critical areas requiring immediate attention and strategic adjustments to enhance operational efficiency and financial performance. By considering and implementing the suggested measures, the hotel aims to optimize operations and maintain its competitive edge within the industry.