A fast and cost effective means of identifying overcharges

The Problem

Financial Leakage

  • Overcharges, Inaccuracies, and Errors in Restoration Bills require review & audit
  • Manual review and audit processes are slow, inconsistent, and expensive

The Solution

NovaData's Rest-Assured Platform

  • Automated, neutral bill-review process
  • Identifies billing overcharges/errors, averaging >20%
  • Easy to use – client emails PDF of Invoice to NovaData and receives an audit report within 48 hours
  • Audit Report provides claims professionals, property owners, and consultants with a clear statement of billing anomalies that require further review with the restoration vendor
  • Immediate Return on Investment

The DNA of

NovaData’s patent pending AI/ML technology automates the process for auditing restoration bills. The Rest-Assured platform offers a combination of speed, efficiency, and thoroughness not previously offered by mitigation review processes.

Our Results Are Self-Evident

EOY 2023 Results

In 2023, NovaData performed 345 Audits for 90+ clients. The combined value of audited invoices equaled $137,304,591. NovaData identified $38,892,331 in billing anomalies.

$ 0 M+
Issues Identified
$ 0 M+
Avg. Turn-Around
0 -HR

90+ Clients Have Utilized Rest-Assured, Including...

"As a Beta partner my team has seen the value that NovaData has brought to the restoration bill review space. Using these types of technologies will help the industry improve Insureds experiences by providing a documented rationale of what should be paid in very fast time frames."
Mark Evans, AXA XL Head of Energy, Property, & Construction Claims Americas
“Rest Assured technology has drastically improved the speed and consistency with which mitigation reviews can be completed. The cost savings are obviously good for insurers; and the claims professionals utilizing the tool become more efficient, and better able to more quickly reach an early determination of undisputed amounts, which is good for the policyholders and the restoration contractors ... The results have been impressive”
Lucas McVey, Swiss Re Claims Expert | Vice President | North America
“NovaData Solutions' audit platform has been an absolute game-changer in our process for validating mitigation and restoration invoices. … we are armed with detailed, data-backed reports that would be difficult or impossible for us to generate in a manual review of lengthy and complex restoration invoices. Our claim team's ability to make informed decisions with confidence has absolutely been enhanced, and we couldn't be happier with the results.”
Rob S, Property Insurance Program Manager at a large national healthcare network
“One of the most significant outcomes of our collaboration with NovaData Solutions has been the noticeable reduction in the average payout of mitigation invoices. Through their leverage of machine learning and meticulous audit review process, NovaData Solutions was able to uncover and correct discrepancies that had previously gone unnoticed.”
Meghan Fountain, AIC-M, SCLA Assistant Vice President—Middle Market Commercial Claims at Velocity Risk Underwriters
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