Efficiency and Cost Savings for Insurance Brokers & Agents

Ready to add value for clients navigating the hard market?

Check out how AI machine learning can help you capture the value and savings in restoration audits or mitigation audits.

  For brokers and agents looking to add value in the midst of a difficult property insurance environment, look no further. We are helping insured’s that are increasingly facing the retention of their risk with the power of AI and technology. NovaData can not only provide the technology but can be your new partner, an extension of your team (both prior to a loss or as part of the claim prep process), responding to losses and bringing efficiency and cost savings to your restoration invoice management process.

What is Rest-Assured?

Rest-Assured is our AI-driven online platform offering automated mitigation/restoration bill review to help streamline and simplify the process. It provides consistent auditing that’s much faster than the current manual industry standard, all in a cost-effective package. With increasing deductibles and premiums rising, we know that managing your risk is increasingly important. That’s why Rest-Assured is quickly gaining traction within the insurance industry with those looking to improve efficiency. 

Benefits for Brokers & Agents

An Efficient, Experienced Partner

We’ll be your digital partner, helping to carefully and thoroughly review your client's restoration invoices. Don’t go it alone. Let us add efficiency and save you time with claim prep and losses within the insured's retention.

Significant Cost Savings Right to Your Customer's Bottom Line

Our AI-driven digital auditing platform consistently finds savings in the details, often that add up to big savings that will help your clients manage the hard market!

A Proven Management Process

For brokers and agents, NovaData means “comfort”. Comfort that there's real management and oversight in place so that your client isn't faced with overpayments and leakage of mitigation invoices.

A Cost Effective Package

NovaData’s Rest-Assured platform was carefully designed from the start to be fast, efficient, thorough, detailed, and cost-effective—often a small fraction of the dollar savings uncovered by its own process, thus paying for itself!

Need Proof?

Send us an invoice. Take a test drive. Let us show you how detailed, how thorough, and how beneficial Rest-Assured will be to you, your team, and your entire organization.