Efficiency & Savings for Insurance Adjusters & Consultants

Having the right staff at the right time, with the right capacity, with the perfect claims volume is a dream scenario. However, in the real-world claims tend to come in bunches, whether it is a hurricane, freeze event, Derecho, or a wildfire, the influx of claims puts a strain on your organization and your adjusting staff. One way to augment your existing capacity is through leveraging technology to eliminate some of the mundane tasks from your team’s workload, allowing them to focus their efforts on providing the best service to your clients and their policy holders. Our Rest-Assured Platform is designed specifically to improve your team’s efficiency.


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What is Rest-Assured?

 Rest-Assured is our AI-driven online platform offering automated mitigation/restoration bill review to help streamline and simplify the process. It provides consistent auditing that’s much faster than the current manual industry standard, all in a cost-effective package. With increasing deductibles and premiums rising, we know that managing your risk is increasingly important. That’s why Rest-Assured is quickly gaining traction within the insurance industry with those looking to improve efficiency. 

Benefits to Adjusters & Consultants:

A Consistent Process

Every audit is completed using the same basic parameters to ensure the best possible service to your clients.


With a trusted tool your team will be able to work on other areas of the claim rather than pouring over pages of invoice documentation.

Data-Supported Negotiations

Your team can leverage our vast database to use our peer-to-peer pricing comparisons to support their negotiations with restoration contractors.


With turnaround times averaging less than 48 hours your team can more quickly begin the negotiation process with the contractors.

Need Proof?

Send us an invoice. Take a test drive. Let us show you how detailed, how thorough, and how beneficial Rest-Assured will be to you, your team, and your entire organization.