Invoice Auditing Platform

Rest-Assured™ is an “Expert Tool” created to accelerate the identification of issues on property restoration invoices. The tool enables Adjusting Firms, TPA's, Building Consultants, Insurance Companies, and Businesses that have self-insured property losses to compare expense rates and ratios against industry norms to more consistently find savings while minimizing cost and effort.

What is Rest-Assured?

Rest-Assured™ is an “Expert Tool” created for adjusting firms and insurance companies to quickly and consistently identify areas of an invoice that require attention.

Rest-Assured leverages the latest techniques to acquire/scrape data, apply business rules, and incorporate AI-ML techniques to ensure bills are compliant, appropriate and reasonable to pay.

The platform exceeds expectations. The information that it provides - in such a short amount of time - is extremely beneficial to the adjusters. They can use your data as a tool to negotiate with the restoration contractors to achieve a fair price for services rendered. The platform provides in 1-2 days what would take a building consultant weeks to complete at a fraction of the cost. Keep doing what you are doing.

Key Features


Minimizing manual data entry/analysis reduces overall time required to evaluate invoices, thus reduces exposure for insurance companies, creates capacity for auditors and gets restoration companies paid faster.


Executing automated audits produces a consistent set of detailed assessments even during peak/CAT season and regardless of the size of the invoice.


Leveraging Rest-Assured's data-driven, rules based, independent and transparent industry-wide platform results in a more consistently fair evaluation of invoices, removing real or perceived biases from the audit creation process.


Data-centric platform that leverages advanced technologies to scrape, cleanse and evaluate data. Beyond individual audits, data is anonymized and used to provide insights into industry patterns and trends.

100% Cloud

The platform is 100% in the cloud and utilizes the latest technologies to provide services in real-time, with virtually unlimited scale while delivering world-class service quality.


Our customer's data is a top priority and thus the platform is highly secure following the industry's highest standard practices for ensuring data protection and service continuity.

As a Beta partner my team has seen the value that NovaData has brought to the restoration bill review space. Using these types of technologies will help the industry improve Insureds experiences by providing a documented rationale of what should be paid in very fast time frames.

Without Rest-Assured, Typical Bill Processing Takes Weeks.

With Rest-Assured, the Speed is Increased Dramatically!

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